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Thursday, February 6, 2020

Spring Exhibits Reception and New Donation

We recently held an opening reception for faculty and special guests in the Riesenfeld Center, to celebrate our new spring exhibits. The new exhibits highlight treasures in our collections, with a focus on items that have special value as historical objects worthy of study. The first exhibit, "Noted and Notable: Treasures of the Riesenfeld Rare Books Research Center," showcases material from across our rich collections. The second exhibit, "'Böcker Har Sina Öden' (Books Have Their Destinies): Treasures of the Swedish Law Collection at the Riesenfeld Center," highlights items in our rare Swedish collection. The latter exhibit is curated by Professor Eric Bylander, Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Law, Uppsala University. Professor Bylander and Professor Marie Linton, the Deputy Head of the Department of Law, Uppsala University, traveled from Sweden to attend the opening reception. At the reception, Eric discussed the rare Swedish law exhibit, and Law School Dean Garry Jenkins, Associate Dean Joan Howland, and I also made remarks. For more about the exhibits, please see a recent blog post about them.

At a dinner hosted by Professors Bylander and Linton, Eric presented the Law Library with a terrific Swedish law book for donation to our collections. We are very grateful for the new acquisition. The book, Kongl. Stadgar, Förordningar, Bref och Resolutioner, ifrån åhr 1528, in til 1701 (Stockholm, 1706), is a collection of Swedish statutes, regulations, and other laws promulgated between 1528 and 1701. It is rare in North America and Europe, with only a few copies available in libraries, and also beautiful, featuring several magnificent engravings. 

   - Ryan Greenwood, Curator of Rare Books and Special Collections

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