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Monday, March 23, 2015

New Tumblr Posts!

Portrait of Queen Caroline, from Lord Brougham
Considered as a Lawyer
(Boston, 1868).
Before we continue with highlights from our Magna Carta exhibit and other collection items related to it, check out some of the great items over on our Tumblr site. As another way to show off collection items, and to leave a quick, easily browsable visual record, the Tumblr site has proved a great complement to the blog - and to our collection - since its start in early October.  Kudos to Barbara Berdahl for the great work!

Some quick highlights: letters and photos from our outstanding Clarence Darrow Archive, the London Times obituary of Winston Churchill from January 25, 1965 (thanks to Professor David Weissbrodt for this item!), and images from our extensive trial collection (including the trial of Charles IMajor John Andre, spy and accomplice of Benedict Arnold, and the successful insanity defense of Jonathan Martin).  Others range from a fascinating example of an extra-illustrated biography of Henry Brougham, a copy of one of our Magna Carta exhibit items with an interesting 19th-c. newspaper clipping, a New York State Constitution showing William Seward's seat in the NY Senate, and neat items related to suffrage.  Come follow us on Tumblr as well!  

   - Ryan Greenwood, Curator of Rare Books and Special Collections

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